Organic Maitake - Happy Families Online Shop - your organic and gourmet select shopWe solely faucet 2-3 bushes, since we usually do not boil our sap to syrup, we simply drink it as sap. There are trace minerals and sugars in recent sap, and it may be very refreshing straight from the tree. Essentially the most we have now finished in the past beyond drinking uncooked sap is lowering the sap barely with some floor chaga to make a naturally sweetened decoction. Robert decided to try making some chaga-infused sweet with a small quantity of sap, solely about 4 gallons complete, leading to a number of products: an unintentional chaga-maple caramel, a chaga-maple hard sweet, and chaga-maple sweet. The caramel happened because he did not boil it and cut back it long enough, only to about 240º F. While still warm, it’s a gooey, sweet, and darkish caramel sauce, good for ice cream and even by the spoonful if I need one thing sweet. We haven’t any facilities to boil our sap into syrup, which causes a whole lot of steam and consequently makes numerous condensation in our tiny kitchen. When it cools to room temperature, the sauce thicken up a lot, so I can heat it to make it pour-able once more. For the onerous candy, he boiled the decoction longer, until it reached tender crack stage, about 258º F-260º F. Then he poured among the extremely scorching sugar into some sweet molds and let it cool, earlier than we wrapped the chaga-maple candies in waxed paper for storage. For the chaga-maple sweet, he took a wood spoon and whipped up the remaining scorching sugar until it grew to become creamy, and poured into a greased glass pan. Once it cooled, he chopped it up into items that melt slowly in your mouth.
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